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Factors to keep in mind before tiling

Are you planning a home construction or renovation project? Choosing the precise home floor tiling is of utmost importance for any construction as well as a renovation project because it significantly influences the overall aesthetics of your home. The floor often serves as the focal point for setting the tone and color scheme for the entire space. By simply changing the flooring, you can dramatically transform your room’s look and ambiance. If you’re considering a room remodel focusing on flooring replacement, it’s important to avoid common mistakes to get the desired results.

Among various flooring options, floor tiling stand out as a popular choice. They offer several advantages, such as minimal maintenance requirements compared to natural stones like marble, granite, and hardwood floors. Additionally, they are budget-friendly to install, but it’s crucial to remember some key factors to avoid mistakes while shopping for tiles. So, why wait? Keep reading below.

  1. 1. Size Matters: When choosing floor tiling option, consider their size carefully. It is because you’ll encounter a variety of sizes from 240cm x 120cm, 160cm x 80cm, 80cm x 80cm, 120cm x 60cm, and 60cm x 60cm, etc are available in the market. In smaller spaces, go for large-format tiles as they visually expand the area and reduce the number of grout lines to clean.

For large shower tiles, ensure a minimum 3/16-inch grout joint width and at least 90% mortar contact beneath the tiles to prevent cracking due to their size.

Alternatively, small tiles offer better traction but come with more grout lines and also require extra maintenance. For a spacious and visually appealing look, opt for larger tiles, as they reduce the number of joints, making your room seem more significant.

  1. Pattern Matching: When buying tiles for your home, consider patterns like the simple straight lay, the diagonal for added interest, the versatile brick or offset, the classic checkerboard with alternating colors, the elegant diagonal with dots, the varied modular arrangement, the playful pinwheel (or Hopscotch), and the bathroom-friendly windmill with small dots. Before laying your tiles, open all the boxes and check for pattern consistency. Tiles may have non-continuous designs, so it’s essential to match them to ensure a cohesive look. Each pattern offers a distinct aesthetic for your space.
  2. Full-Body Vitrified Tiles: Full-body vitrified tiles for their consistent color throughout their thickness will reduce the risk of fading over time. Moreover, full-body vitrified tiles are low-maintenance because they resist stains and scratches and are easy to clean. They’re also tough against acids and chemicals because it is suitable for industrial use. Plus, they handle moisture and UV radiation as they are perfect for areas like porches, gardens, bathrooms, and around swimming pools.
  3. Level Flooring: A level surface is crucial for getting a professional finish. Before home floor tiling works, make sure it’s perfectly level because having a flat surface is essential for tiling project. A perfectly level surface serves as the canvas upon which your tiles will shine. A level floor is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures lays flat and adheres uniformly. Secondly, it will prevent any unsightly gaps between tiles. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also, makes cleaning and maintenance easier.

Moreover, a level surface contributes to the longevity of your tiled area. A level base evenly distributes the weight and stress.

  1. Bathroom Tiles: Big bathroom tiles like 120cm x 60cm are popular for a modern look, but measuring accurately and marking wet and dry areas is vital to avoid waste. Precise measurements help you know how many tiles you need and where they should go for the right style. Separating wet and dry zones is crucial for functionality and a neat appearance because it will be good for preventing water issues and adding organization. By careful evaluation, you can opt for attractive and efficient tiles and make your bathroom look great. So, remember to plan and measure well for a successful and attractive bathroom tile project.
  2. Anti-Skid Tiles: When choosing tiles for bathroom floors, prioritize branded options with smooth, anti-skid surfaces. These tiles provide both safety and a pleasing appearance. It’s crucial to prevent slips and falls in the bathroom, especially in wet conditions, making anti-skid tiles a smart choice. These tiles offer a secure grip and reduce the risk of accidents, ensuring safety without compromising on style. So, when selecting bathroom floor tiles, remember that opting for well-known brands with anti-skid surfaces is essential to creating a secure and attractive bathroom space.
  3. Tile Spacers: When dealing with bigger tiles, it’s essential to occupy with tile-leveling spacers to stop tiles from bending at the corners and to achieve a consistent and smooth result. These spacers are critical for maintaining even gaps between tiles, preventing any misalignment, particularly in the case of large tiles. By using these spacers, you can ensure that your floor tiling installation remains stable and professional-looking. So, remember to incorporate tile-leveling spacers into your tiling project when working with larger tiles to achieve a uniform and visually pleasing outcome while preventing any potential issues.
  4. Grouting and Epoxy joint filling: Epoxy joint filling is crucial for preventing potential leaks in the future. To ensure a watertight seal and prevent potential leaks in the future, it’s essential to first apply sufficient grouting using either standard cement or white cement before proceeding with epoxy joint filling. Grouting creates a solid foundation, and epoxy joint fillers provide an extra layer of protection against water infiltration, making this two-step process vital for the long-term durability and integrity of your construction or tile work. Proper grouting ensures a secure base, and epoxy filling acts as a barrier, enhancing the overall performance of the joint and preventing water-related issues, which is crucial for maintaining the quality of your project.

Go for the Right look and Feel

The home floor tiling choices and practices can significantly enhance the beauty and durability of your home. Whether you’re embarking on a construction project or renovating your space, remember these key factors for successful floor tiling works. Your home deserves nothing less than the best!