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Residential Construction

We transform your vision of your dream home into a reality.

Design & Blueprint

Residential interior design company in Trivandrum, We like to start it the right way, organised and accounted for. Every construction project at Armson Homes begins with creating a detailed plan. We present you with a visual representation of what your completed home will look like. With this, you have a clearer picture to make decisions, understand any issues, and make the final changes before we kick-start your home construction work. With have the best construction planners in Trivandrum who create the illustration of your dream home.

Residential interior design company in Trivandrum
Residential interior design company in Trivandrum

Kitchen & Bath

Most of the home construction design is taken up by the kitchen and the bath. These are the most exquisite area of the home. Every space is unique to the person who uses it. We evaluate your needs, preferences, and functional requirements before we design your space. The bath area preferences differ between one member of the family to another. Our design team creates precise blueprints of the spaces to ensure an efficient construction process. The final result will be a living space that fits your needs like a missing puzzle piece.

Adding To Your Home Space

We specialise in curating the best additions and Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) to expand your living space. You might want to add a new bedroom, extend the existing one, add an in-law suite, or simply pull in a better spacious living room. We are with you in making your idea work out. We dwell on your design needs and take them to construction and completion, delivering just what you want.

Residential interior design company in Trivandrum
Residential interior design company in Trivandrum

Your New Home

Every home is a blend of artistry, technology, and utility. Our team of experts will sit over a cup of coffee to understand all your needs, dreams, and fantasies of your dream home. We combine all requirements and budget considerations to create the best blueprint. From the excavation to the final handover, our experienced hands in Trivandrum will execute your project seamlessly with unwavering attention to even the most minute detail. We consider every project a masterpiece of our skills and artistry.

Need A Room For Your Pet?

We simply mean it. Want a room for your Pet? We got your back. We are not just builders, we are a bunch of problem solvers and brainstormers who can put our brains to actualize even the most complex home construction needs. Big or small, residential construction or home renovation, with Armson Homes, the possibilities are endless.

Residential interior design company in Trivandrum

Home Construction


Hey, this is Your home we are building. You get to decide on everything. Our design and development team will assist and provide suggestions to guide your selections based on parameters like budget restraint, time limit, etc. You will be intimated if a particular choice may break the budget limit or prolong the time setting.

On average, the price starts at Rs 2000/ sq foot. 

This is totally dependent on the size and type of project. There are several steps involved in the building process, which begins with the plan of the house and later develops into designing each room at a time. Our designers will help you understand your needs and make suggestions on the same. The designing process may take anything from 1 week to a few months. Elaborate projects take time to create the perfect one to fit your needs. 

We undertake simple outhouse projects to elaborate mansions. Some take more than a year, while there are simpler ones we can finish in a few months. The time taken will depend upon the size of the project, the time taken by the client in decision-making, the complexity of the building, and even weather conditions. We can give an estimated time of 5 months or above for a project. 

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